These Hollywood Celebrities Fantasized About Robert Mueller Indicting Donald Trump

Hollywood celebrities spent nearly two years incessantly fantasizing about special counsel Robert Mueller indicting President Donald Trump over so-called Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election. But on Friday, Mueller produced his report on possible collusion to Attorney General William Barr and recommended no further indictments against Trump campaign associates.

“I WILL Watch When MUELLER Makes Him Grovel In Dirt Of [rose] Garden,” wrote Cher in a bizarre January tweet. “When He Is Proven 2 Be PAWN Of PUTIN, When GOP Are Shown 2 Be ass Kissing Castrati They Are, When Ppl See Pence 4 Who He Is. A Pitch Man 4 Big TOBACCO, & dark force.”

“Dear Mr. Mueller,” tweeted Jim Carrey, “Be my secret Santa. You know what I want for Christmas.”

Check out a few of the celebrities who fantasized about President Trump being indicted by Robert Mueller.

The Intercept editor Glenn Greenwald noted that the fact remains that “not one single American was charged, indicted or convicted for conspiring with Russia” to influences the 2016 presidential election.

“Not even a low-level volunteer,” added Greenwald, “The number is zero.”

What’s next for #TheResistance now that Robert Mueller has delivered his report? How soon before Hollywood celebrities turn on the now former Special Counsel and begin fantasizing about indicting him, instead? They can join Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who’s already talking about subpoenaing Mueller.

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