New Conservative Hire at CNN Demoted from Editor to Pundit After Pressure from Liberals

“brings a wealth of government, political, communications, and legal experience to our team”

In February, it was announced that CNN hired Sarah Isgur Flores as a political editor to cover the 2020 election. She previously worked as a spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department, and this enraged CNN employees and fans for reasons which should be obvious.

Leftists put so much pressure on CNN that Isgur Flores has now been reassigned as a commentator.

Jeremy Barr writes at the Hollywood Reporter:

Controversial Conservative Hired As CNN Politics Editor Will Now Just Serve As Pundit

CNN faced backlash last month after hiring Sarah Isgur, a Republican former spokesperson for then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to serve as a network political editor, a role in which she would have helped coordinate political coverage.

The network’s editorial management defended the hire, which was first reported by Politico, in a memo the next day, saying that the network was “thrilled” to hire someone who “brings a wealth of government, political, communications, and legal experience to our team.”

But, under pressure from the Democratic National Committee and other stakeholders, the network soon made clear that Isgur would not be involved with coverage of the 2020 elections, seemingly limiting her role at the network.

On Friday, Isgur announced that she will instead join CNN as a political analyst, the on-air role traditionally held by former partisans.

“It’s been a great vacation but I am back on twitter!” she wrote. “And news: I will go to CNN as a Political Analyst instead. Will start next month on air and on line. See y’all soon!”

If Isgur Flores is satisfied with this decision, then good for her. It still serves as a reminder of how biased the media is against conservatives, even though the field is saturated with progressives.

Ashe Schow of the Daily Wire makes a great point about this:

Newsrooms are dominated by left-leaning writers and editors. It is no surprise that a right-leaning person’s hiring would enrage the Left so much that she would need to change her position. Being an on-air personality, however, may be a more desirable position anyway, especially if the money and benefits are the same. Still, it would have been nice to know at least one right-leaning person existed in CNN’s newsroom.

Stephen Miller has the punchline:







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