NBC/MSNBC Politics Managing Editor Tried “to bully me on behalf of the DNC”

Yashar Ali is a liberal journalist, but a fair one. If you spend any time on Twitter, you’ll see that he is respected by many conservatives.

On Friday, he published a series of tweets which described an attempt to intimidate him by the managing editor of NBC/MSNBC politics on behalf of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Diana Stancy Correll of the Washington Examiner summarizes the story:

Reporter says NBC editor bullied him on behalf of Democrats

A journalist has accused the managing editor of politics for NBC and MSNBC of trying “to bully me on behalf of the” Democratic National Committee.

In a series of 24 tweets, Yashar Ali claimed that Dafna Linzer behaved unethically after he received a tip Thursday from a trusted source about the dates of the first 2020 primary debates. Ali claims he followed up with the DNC after his source told him the debates were set for June 26 and 27, which were going to be announced on MSNBC at 4 p.m.

According to Ali, the DNC asked him to hold off on publishing the scoop in his newsletter so they could notify state parties first.

Shortly afterwards, she called him in “a menacing tone” to ask him to hold the story so the DNC could make its calls. Ali said, “She wanted me to wait so they could call state party leaders.”

Here’s the story in Yashar’s own words:

Here’s a response from Professor Jacobson:

This one from T. Becket Adams is also great, via Instapundit.

Ace of Spades makes a great point about this story as well:

I thank Yashar for his reporting here, and the courage in defying the Herd Mind in doing so.

But I can’t help but think — maybe those of us who think the Political-Media Complex does often work this way are more right about that than you’d care to admit to yourself, Yashar.

This woman seems to have had no shame or concern about what she was doing — as you yourself state. That indicates to me that she didn’t think what she was doing was unusual, over-the-line, or even outside of customary routine.

That’s what she thinks — and I’d say she is the expert about her own actions and behavior.

So at least this one person has been doing this thing so much she isn’t even fazed by questions about doing it, and she also hasn’t before been criticized publicly for doing it.

That tells me that you’re a bit naive on this point, Yashar. Maybe you’re just not seeing this even though it’s going on all around you. Maybe the word is out that you’re one of the ones who won’t Play Ball so they don’t usually try this with you.

Tucker Carlson did a segment on this last night. This video is cued to start at the 9:15 mark, just press play:

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