More than 76,000 Illegal Immigrants Crossed the Southern Border Last Month

And immigration officials say that number is only going to increase

More than twice the number that crossed the same time last year. And according to immigration officials, the situation is only going to get worse.

From the New York Post:

Why are they coming in such vast numbers? Because smugglers have put them wise to how to take advantage of recent court decisions to claim asylum and remain here indefinitely.

They’re coming (mainly from Guatemala) in ever-larger groups, mostly families as opposed to individuals. They’ve been told that if they cross the border illegally, they only need cry “asylum.” And adults traveling with children have a better chance to stay.

Trump wants a wall to prevent that “one foot on American soil” rule. But what’s really needed is a change to our perverse asylum rules — which will take both political cooperation and compromise.

Consider: Officials say the biggest “pull factors” for migrant families are court settlements that not only bar deportations without lengthy proceedings, but also prevent the detainment of families for more than 20 days.

The Trump administration attempted to reinforce existing asylum regulations while closing oft-exploited loop holes. Democrats their media counterparts balked at the efforts. The ACLU even filed suit.

Thanks to the Democrat’s unwillingness to work with the Trump administration, not only will our immigration system be overloaded, but we’re headed towards a full-blown humanitarian crisis at the border warns Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan.







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