How Trump tricked Dems into defending MS-13 thugs (again)

(TOWNHALL) – It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. In their earnest desire to ruin the current president of the United States with lies and slander, liberals, Democratic representatives, and presidential hopefuls have begun defending the virtuosity of violent gang members who stab their victims more than 100 times and set their bodies on fire. Why? For some reason, the left side of the aisle believes this gives them a moral high ground on President Donald J. Trump.

I wrote about this already but limited the examples in my article to Joy Reid at MSNBC and a New York Times columnist. I should have waited because now President Trump has unwittingly tricked boatloads of Democrats into defending MS-13 gang members. The astounding thing is that he wasn’t even trying to do so.

After hearing a quote of President Trump supposedly calling asylum seekers “animals” that was tweeted on Friday night by Mark Elliot, somebody who is for all intent and purposes a Twitter rando, Democrats simply had to rush out and condemn the president.

The great irony here is that this all stemmed from a clip that was already debunked last year after the first time a media brouhaha occurred because of this deceptively edited video.

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