Conservative Students’ ‘Build the Wall’ Banner Stolen at U. Florida

“We want to make sure the police find you because you did something illegal.”

Isn’t it fascinating how we almost never hear of this sort of thing happening to progressive students?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Conservative students file police reports after their ‘Build the Wall’ banners are stolen

Students with the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Florida recently called the police after students tore down and stole their “Build the Wall” banner.

Members of the group said they obtained a permit to display a banner in one of the University’s “free speech zones.” Within hours of putting up the first banner, several students tore it down and stole it in protest, forcing the chapter to raise additional funds to design and re-display a new banner.

Afterward, another group of students attempted to tear down the banner but ran away upon failing to do so. YAF members Dylan Finucan, Victor Santos, and Phillip Smith videotaped the students and asked them to return their property.

While pursuing the students, a blue-haired female wearing pink can be seen physically attempting to remove a smartphone from Santos. “Excuse me, please do not touch him,” requested Smith.

As the students continued to walk away after attempting to steal the banner, one unidentified student confronted Smith yelling, “Get the fuck out of my face!”

Smith responded, “We want to make sure the police find you because you did something illegal.”

“That’s called freedom of speech,” said the blue-haired female to which Smith responded, “That’s not freedom of speech, that’s theft.”







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