Bottling up stupidity

From the Paris Fashion Week comes a piece of money-wasting silliness, and it’s not a dress. A fashion water bottle, if there is such a thing, created by Evian and others went on sale for $67 (US $47, £42) and suddenly there were 4,000 people on a waiting list for it.

Even the branding of ‘rainbow inside’ seems odd, given that the cleanest water is clear and generally any color is a sign of pollution.

There is no rule that people can’t waste their money on any stupid item, and given some of the recent purchases in the art world there seems to be no limit as to how much can be spent. A question arises as to how could the money be spent more sensibly or even given to charities?

The real concern is not just wasting money on a water bottle, but how water is undervalued given that it truly is a vital need in life. There are so many people with little access to water and especially to clean water.

A quick check online gives a list of charities that build water projects in Africa. The first one mentioned, the Water Project, can supply water to two people for $68 (US $47, £42), a convenient value for comparison. Surely this is the best way to spend the money rather than for a vanity plastic bottle.

Let’s supply water to those that need it rather than those who think they will look better carrying it around.

Dennis Fitzgerald

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